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Blade BM7000 Full Motorised Satellite Channel List Update File

Blade BM7000 Full Motorised Satellite Channel List Update File



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Blade BM7000 Motorised Full Satellite Channel List Updated Software Download File

This Download File Updates The Channel List For The Blade BM7000 Combo And The BM7000s Satellite Receivers With The Latest Satellite And Channel List All Specialy Blind Scanned And Up To Date.

Just Place This downloaded file On A USB Stick Plug USB Stick Into Receiver Then Choose Download In Menu And Press Ok On File And This Will Automaticly Update Your Receivers Channel Lists.

Full Motorised Satellites list Included In This Software Update For The Blade Receivers Are As Follows:

Turksat 2A-3A 42.0 East 80cm West beam reception Only the UK is too far outside the intended service area of Turksat 42 " East beam " no reliable reception in the UK
HellaSat-2 39.0 East 80cm or 60cm this is for Europe beams only
Eutelsat -W-7 36.0 East 100cm Reception only for European beam---Reception difficult in the UK from Eutelsat W4 & W7 beams to Russia & South Africa. 180cm on some African beams reported
Eurobird-3 33.2 East 100cm {It is Not possible to receive services from Eastern Europe beams in UK}
Astra-1G 31.5 East 100cm No reception in the UK (West & East Beams serve Central & Eastern Europe only 60 to 80 cm dish)
Arabsat 5A 30.5 East 150cm C band Only 150 to 240cm in the UK
Eurobird-1 28.5 East 60cm Mainly UK Freesat Channels
Astra-2A-2B 28.2 East 45cm Sky TV And Freesat UK Channels (Some Freesat Channels Need 50cm In South UK 60cm in North and Northern UK Needs 60cm Dish for Sky Channels)
Astra 2D 28.2 East 45cm Sky TV Channels (Northern UK Needs 60cm Dish)
Astra-1N 28.2 East 60cm new tighter beams for UK on 1N for FreeSat will make reception difficult in Southern Europe (Spain & Greece)
Badr- 4 26.0 East 100cm Southern UK to 120cm And Northern UK Needs 120 to 180cm (Most Channels OK On 100cm in Southern UK)
Badr-5 & 6 26.0 East 180cm {There is no reception on Badr-5 & 6 in the UK with the new tight beam (180cm reception has been reported on the Isle of Wight Only)
Eurobird-2 25.5 East 100cm No reception with 100cm dish in the UK
Astra-3A-3B 23.5 East 80cm Southern UK to 90cm Midlands And 120 North (3A further West & North an even bigger dish required & some spot beams cannot be received in the UK}
Eutelsat-W-6 21.6 East 100cm to 120 cm in north
Arabsat-2B-2C 20.0 East 120cm for C band in Southern England
Astra 1 19.2 East 50cm Some TP's need 60cm
Eutelsat W3C 16.0 East 60cm Central Europe inc UK
Hotbird-6-8-9 13.0 East 50cm In South to 60cm north. (Hotbird-10 replaced one of these satellites the spare satellite will move to a new location)
Eutelsat-W2A 10.0 East 100cm South to 120cm North {some transmissions can be received on a 80cm dish south}
Eurobird-9A 9.0 East 60cm Ok
Eutelsat-W3A 7.0 East 80cm No Info
Sirius 1-4 4.8 East 120cm Nordic beam weak in UK (UK is outside intended service area) (Some Channels Work OK on 120cm Dish In South UK)
Sirius & Astra 4A 4.8 East 80cm European beam (Some Channels Work OK on 80cm to 100cm Dish in UK)
Eutelsat 3C 3.2 East 80cm no Info
Thor-5 & 6 0.8 West 80cm European beam ok but 100cm needed for Nordic beam in South East England
Intelsat-10-02 1.0 West 80cm Ok
Amos-2 & 3 4.0 West 100cm No reliable service in UK as we are not inside the intended service area
AtlanticBird-3 5.0 West 80cm Ok
Nilesat-101-102 7.0 West 100cm But 150cm needed for some vertical transponder's and Horizontal Tp's 240cm) most channels have no reliable reception in the UK best reception is on the South coast of the UK
Nilesat 201 7.0 West 100cm { no reception with 100cm dish in uk} most channels have no reliable reception in the UK
AtlanticBird-7 7.3 West 100cm South East England (Some Channels Work OK on 100cm Dish)
AtlanticBird-2 8.0 West 80cm Ok
AtlanticBird-1 12.5 West 80cm Ok
Telstar-12 15.0 West 90cm No Info
Intelsat-901 18.0 West 100cm No Info
NSS-7 22.0 West 100cm (SES 4 (NSS 14) with 52 C - 72 Ku will replace NSS-7 early 2012)
Intelsat-905 24.5 West 80cm No Info
Intelsat-907 27.5 West 80cm No Info
Hispasat 1C-1D-1E 30.0 West 80cm Some Transponders need 100cm

Note: This Download file does not include receiver main receiver boot software upgrade just the satellite and receiver channel lists

Price 4.99 (5.99 Including VAT at 20%)

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