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GLOBAL DIP1 Diplexer Splitter

GLOBAL DIP1 Diplexer Splitter



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GLOBAL DIP1 Diplexer Splitter 2 In 1 Out or 1 In 2 Out

Splits Diplexed Signals From Satellite And Aerial Systems

The DIP1 Splitting diplexer is normally used indoors to separate satellite and TV. It employs high isolation filters to prevent interference between the satellite and TV. The satellite DC is fed through the Diplexer to the combining diplexer dip1, dip2, dip2-dc.

* Allows a Satellite signal to be added to an existing system
* High isolation between Satellite and TV ports
* Low insertion Loss

TV Port: 47-860MHz
Insertion Loss: <2dB
Isolation: >40dB
Current Passed to UHF/VHF Port: 0
Impedance: 50ohms
Satellite Port: 950 -2150MHz
Insertion Loss: <3dB
Isolation: 30dB
Current Passed: A max
External Installation: No

Price 7.49 (8.99 Including VAT at 20%)

Download GLOBAL Diplexers Tech Information Sheet Here

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