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PHONEJACK Wireless Phone Extension Kit (DECT BT Extension)

PHONEJACK Wireless Phone Extension Kit (DECT BT Extension)



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PHONEJACK Wireless Phone Extension Kit

(DECT BT Extension)

An amazing product that provides a telephone extension socket anywhere around the home without running cable or using the ring main to transmit the signal!

- Telephone signal is transmitted by RF wireless not via the ring main, eliminating mains-borne interference from fridges, heating thermostats/timers, etc.
- DECT technology operates at 56k modem speed for full compatibility with digital satellite receivers unlike slower ring-main systems
- Can operate all around the house
- Cordless Dect phones can be connected via the base unit
- Up to four decoders/Dect phones can be run from same base unit
- 30m range allows satellite/cable decoders to be positioned anywhere around the home
- Makes satellite/cable installations simple and fast, no need to run telephone cable around the house
- Extra receiver available (stock code: WT112)

Price 58.29 (69.95 Including VAT at 20%)

Download PDF Manual

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