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Sky Plus HD DRX890 500GB Amstrad A Grade 3 Months Warranty

Sky Plus HD DRX890 500GB Amstrad A Grade 3 Months Warranty



To BACKORDER This Item Now Call 01634 296929 or Email Us For Stock Availability.

Sky Plus HD DRX890 500GB Amstrad A Grade 3 Months Warranty

A Grade Non- Subsidy comes complete with 3 months warranty, You will need to call Sky to pair your existing Sky viewing card (if applicable)

A Grade Non- Subsidy 500GB Sky Plus HD Box, Features - HDMI, S-Video Output, Digital Optical Audio Output, Digital Coaxial Audio Output, L&R Phono Audio Out...

* A Grade Non- Subsidy 500GB (250GB for personal use) Amstrad 500 Sky+ HD box.
* A 500GB (250GB for personal use) hard drive gives you up to 185 hours (60 for HD) of recording space.
* The remaining 250GB is used for Sky Anytime; VOD and 3D services.
* A Grade Non- Subsidy boxes with a 3 month warranty.
* HD gives you sharper clearer more vibrant pictures.
* Dolby digital 5.1 sound quality on many high definition programmes.
* The SkyHD box also includes the popular Sky plus functions.
* HD ready TV required to fully appreciate the Sky high definition programmes.
* To view the FULL HD channel package a further £10pm is payable to Sky. This however is not compulsory; If you choose not to you will still receive the BBC HD; Channel Four HD and LUXE HD channels.
* Can be used for new installations or as a replacement box.
* Can be used with or without a telephone connection for calling Sky digital.
* Non-subsidised box.
Please Note; If you only have a single LNB on your Sky Minidish feeding a standard Sky box and you are upgrading to the Amstrad 500 Sky+HD box you will need to order the Quad LNB below and run a second cable to the Sky+HD box to use the Sky+ functions. If however you already have Sky+ and are changing to Sky+HD your existing LNB will be fine.

This brand new latest version Amstrad Sky High Definition Digibox can be used with an existing Sky Subscription card, to benefit from the Sky+ functionality, or subscription HD channels (HD Mix). Alternatively without a card you can still receive all free HD channels, such as BBC HD, Luxe HD and C4 HD (C4 HD currently requires a Sky FTV card). You are under no obligation to take out a subscription, or HD Mix (£9.75 per month) with this purchase, as you are buying from us a non-subsidised box.

NOTE: 500GB Sky DRX890 Sky+HD Box Limited Stock: This DRX890 is being replaced by the DRX890 with built in Wi-Fi and no RF Outputs (the outputs that allow Sky to be viewed around the home), we have a limited number of this unit available, once they're gone they're gone, they will then be marked "Out of Stock", once this happens..

Price 99.99 (119.99 Including VAT at 20%)

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