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MX1000HD Xream Box Latest News

Attention Existing Customers New Software For The MX1000HD-Xtream box

Attention Existing Customers New Software For The MX1000HD-Xtream box

To All Existing MX1000HD-Xtream Customers This Is A New Software Upgrade For The MX1000HD-Xtream box Including Full Instructions For You to Install
MX1000HD-Xtream TV Box Latest News

MX1000HD-Xtream TV Box Latest News


Latest News Updates On The Smart MX1000-Xtream TV Box

Update 2015-10-10 NEW Software Upgrade Firmware Available For Download Above

Update 2015-04-15 NEW 2015 Fully Updated Graphical Linux Software Build For The Smart MX1000HD-Xtream Box hundreds of New Servers and Links Added Including New Trailers Section
Update 2015-04-12 Infusum Now Has 115Live Channels With HD Sports Packs Discounted Live HD Sports Streams 380 Games Click Here!
Update 2015-03-26 Infusum Now Has 106 Live Channels With HD Sports Packs
Update 2014-11-23 NEW Discounts Now Available With Live HD Sports Packs Passes
Update 2014-11-17 NAVI-X Back
Update 2014-11-16 Mash-Up Gone, NEW Server Links Created
Update 2014-11-15 NAVI-X Back
Update 2014-11-14 NEW Major Software Update
Update 2014-10-08 NEW Premium Live HD Sports Server Available Now 78 Live Streams Including Full HD Sports Channels Discounted Live HD Sports Streams 380 Games Click Here!

If You Wish To Subcribe To The Live HD Channel Service just Click The Link Above

Please Note: Infusum Are Charging £14.99 per Month but We Now Offer Discount Subscription Prices Exclusive To Our Exsiting Customer Base Discounted Live HD Sports Streams 380 Games Click Here!

UPDATE 2014-09-16 New Update 78 Live TV Channels Added.
UPDATE 2014-09-12 New Live Sports And World TV Section Added
UPDATE 2014-09-07 Live EPG Now Fully Working.
UPDATE 2014-09-05 New Update 76 Live Channels Added.
UPDATE 2014-07-02 Live TV Update Plus Major Software Updates.
UPDATE 2014-06-20 Major Links Updates.
What Are Customers Saying About The New MX1000HD-Xtream Box

What Are Customers Saying About The New MX1000HD-Xtream Box

Just A Few Of The Comment's Our Existing Customer's Are Saying About The New Smart MX1000HD-Xtream HD TV Box?

Most Of Our Customers Cannot Beleive Their Eyes, When They Plug In The MX1000HD-Xtream HD TV Box Into Their TV Set And Start Receiving FREE! Live TV Entertainment And Streamed HD TV Shows, Movies, Sport, Documentaries & More And All For FREE!, Plus They Receive FREE! Daily Updates From A FREE! Dedecated Server, What's More They Don't Have To Pay A Single Penny Ever Again.

Here Is Just 17 Good Reasons For You To Puchase Our New 2015 Smart MX1000HD-Xtream TV Box Today!

* Fantastic.
* Best TV Box..
* Has Everything.
* NEW! 2015 Software Build.
* The Best £150 I Have Ever Spent.
* Best Ever Box Give Us All Our TV Needs.
* Fantastic Box Of Tricks, Best Ever Purchase.
* I'm Shocked As To How Much This Box Gives Us.
* Great Product Gives Me Everyting With Free Updates.
* I Never Knew How Much You Could Get For Free, Wow!.
* Thank You For A Great Product And Keep Up The Good Work.
* This Box Saves Us A Fortune, Wish We Purchased One Sooner.
* Now We Don't Ever Miss A Thing And The Box We Found Easy To Use.
* Connected The Box In Seconds, Work's Perfect I Couldn't Ask For Any More.
* Why Would Anybody Still Be Wanting To Pay For TV, Movies, Sport, Docs, Etc.
* Each Box Has It's Own Account And Therefore Not Available On Any Other Boxes.

Click Here! To Purchase Your Own MX1000HD-Xtream TV Box Today! & See For Your Self What's On Offer.

Smart MX1000HD-Xtream HD IPTV Streaming Media TV Box

Smart MX1000HD-Xtream HD IPTV Streaming Media TV Box

SRP 179.99 Save 30.00 Including Vat
Plus Any Extra Checkout Discounts Available On Purchase

Introductory Offer Price Only 124.99 (149.99 Including VAT at 20%)


Add An Optional Extra Wireless Keyboard Remote SAVE £2.00 +Vat

Add A Mains Network Adaptor Kit

Add Infusum TV HD Sports Pack To Your Box

Download The MX1000HD Instructions Sheet PDF

What Is The Smart MX1000HD-Xtream Stream TV Box

What Is The Smart MX1000HD-Xtream Stream TV Box


Still Confused? Well Don't Be, Just Click Here! For More Info On The New Smart MX1000HD-Xtream IPTV MultiMedia HD TV Box

Discount Infusum Live HD Sports Streams For The MX1000HD-Xtream Box

Discount Infusum Live HD Sports Streams For The MX1000HD-Xtream Box



To BACKORDER This Item Now Call 01634 296929 or Email Us For Stock Availability.

OFFICIAL DEALERS For Optional Infusum.TV Sports Discount Passes
Pay As You Go & No Auto Renewals

The MX1000HD-Xtream Now Has 115 Optional LIVE STREAMING HD SPORTS CHANNELS BJ, Sly & ALL 380 3pm Games Live In HD & More from Infusum TV
ALL The Sports You Need With No Contracts & No Auto Renewal Nothing More To Pay, You Pay As You Go Whenever You Please

What Could Be Better Than That!

All channels have a high quality live EPG (Electronic programme guide) that updates in real time with information about what is currently on the channel with a short description about the programme and information about the next scheduled programme

In addition to the optional live premium streaming channels we also provide thousands of free latest HD & SD Movies and TV Box Sets on demand. From the very latest Hollywood Blockbusters to your all-time favourites. You will be amazed at the sheer quantity and variety of on-demand entertainment from HD Movies, TV Shows, Kids Entertainment, Documentaries, Music and Radio all available at your fingertips, all brought to you via the new MX1000HD-Xtream Media Box.

Below is a list of current optional live HD premium channels on the MX1000HD-Xtream Media Box. Optional Premium Sports channels in Full HD (High Definition) SD (Standard Definition) and LD (Low definition). 3 different types of streams to suit all available bandwidth. If you are viewing these channels on a poor bandwidth or mobile bandwidth they can still be viewed on your device in LD. The quality of the picture is still excellent but the size of the streams have been reduced to enable you to still view these under many different conditions.

Now With 106 Live Streaming Channels And Growing Including;

ALL 380 EPL 3pm Games Live In HD
ALL BJ Sports HD Channels 1 & 2
ALL Sly Sports HD Channels 1 - 5, F1, Sly Sports News
Racing UK
At The Races
Box Nation
NBC Sports Extra
Sportsmans Channel
Outdoor Channel
Fox Sports
Golf Channel
BEIN Sports 1 to 15
Fox Sports
TSN HD 1 to-5
RDS HD 1 & 2

Channels Also Included;

Discovery Science, Discovery, Discovery Turbo, Sly Atlantic, Sly One, Nat Geo Wild, Nat Geo, History Channel, C & I, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, BBC 1, BBC 2, BBC 3, BBC 4, BBC News, CBEEBIES, Ch 4, Ch 5, ITV 1, ITV 2, ITV 3, ITV 4, Dave, Quest, E4, Yesterday, CBS Reality, CBS Drama, More 4, Reality, 5 USA, Pick TV, Etc.

All Channels Have Full EPG And Updated Live Daily

What More Do You Want!

Click Here! To Purchase Discount Infusum TV HD Sports Packs

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