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Solar Power & Salt Water Hybrid Toy Car

Solar Power & Salt Water Hybrid Toy Car

Ref: S-ET-0121


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Solar Power & Salt Water Hybrid Toy Car

1) Solar & salt water hybrid car don't need the traditional battery, when it's put indoor, you only need to add some salt water to let it run. When it's put outdoor, as long as there is sunshine, it can run fast. The product is environmental-friendly, novel and fashionable.

2) It is not only novel and unique ,but also for environmental protection and energy conservation, it's a wonderful enlightenment of students' solar energy concept for school teaching as well.

3) No battery required

4) Size: 75x41x16mm

* Please note:

1) In order to have the solar & salt water hybrid car running under sunlight outdoor, you need to put it under direct strong sunlight, and put it on a rather smooth surface

2) There is a switch on the back of the car, when you find the car doesn't run, you may turn the switch to another side to have a try.
OEM are Welcome! we can print customer's artwork and logo
Type of Packing: Color Box

Price 8.99 (10.79 Including VAT at 20%)

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