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Computer Services

We Offer A Wide Range of Computer Services To Meet All Your Needs

We Offer A Wide Range of Computer Services To Meet All Your Needs

MultiMedia Systems offers a wide range of computer services to meet all your computer needs. Here is a few of the ways we can help!

Computer Repairs - Everyone has problems with their computers from time to time. From full system crashes to mysterious errors that seem to pop up from nowhere, computers can be aggravating to say the least!

Network Setup - Whether you just need a simple network, or complete wireless system, installing a networked system can increase your functionality and productivity several times over. Share files, printers and internet access with all of your computers while maintaining a high level of security when your network is custom configured.

New Systems -Technology is always changing, and sometimes you just need to replace that old dinosaur. From desktops to laptops, we'll keep you at the cutting edge. Upgrade to a much faster system to insure compatibility with modern software and operating systems, play all of the newest games, improve reliability, and fix dangerous security issues that still haven't been addressed on your older PCs.

Spyware / Virus Protection - Did you know that undetected programs can run silently in the background, leaking out personal information like credit card numbers and all your personal and business information? Let us show you how to protect yourself from I. D. theft, annoying pop-ups generated by adware, and dangerous viruses that destroy data, cripple your computer, cause crashes, and makes your programs an your computer run slower.

Hardware Upgrades - New programs are using more and more memory, and taking up more hard drive space than ever before. Did you know Windows Vista needs at least one gigabyte of RAM to run smoothly and up to two or three gigabytes to run multiple applications at once? Not to worry, there's no need to buy a new system just yet. It's a snap to add extra RAM or throw in a larger hard drive to keep you up to date for years to come!

On-Site Data Backup - What would happen if your computer crashed and all data was lost? All of your business information gone or those pictures of the kids on your last trip abroad. Some things just can't be replaced. We offer on-site data backup solutions to safe-guard against loosing your information. or For one low monthly fee, we can come out every month or every week and make a copy of all of your critical data to be stored off-site if required. From that point, all it takes is one phone call to restore it all your data.

Individual Service Plans - You wouldn't think twice about changing the oil in your car on a regular basis, now avoid stress by keeping your computers running at peak performance! Good security setups, advanced anti-virus solutions, full time Spyware protection, and precise maintenance plans keep things running just like brand-new.

Enjoy the perks of a service plan with from MultiMedia Systems! Smoother running systems mean:

- Less down-time
- Increased productivity
- Routine backups protect against data loss
- Free hours each month for software installs, training, or anything you need them for!
- Discounted hourly rate for bigger projects.

Just Call Us Today 01634 296929 or Email us at ContactUs@MultiMediaSystems.co.uk

Computer System Check

Computer System Check

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