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Standard IPTV Boxes

Blade Stream HD IPTV Set Top Box Media Box PVR Ready

Blade Stream HD IPTV Set Top Box Media Box PVR Ready

Price 89.99 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Blade Stream HD IPTV Set Top Box and Media Box, PVR Ready With Live Streaming, Videos On Demand

Blade Stream is a high definition IPTV streaming box and media player all in one. Watch thousands of channels from all around the world. Watch movies On-Demand. Have instant access to your high definition video, digital music, digital photos and other media files no matter where they are stored. Record your favorite programmes to USB or directly to our own archive online.* Catch up on TV you've missed. The Blade Stream is not just another internet box, it is the center of your viewing world.


- Fanless oversized CPU heat-sink - perfectly silent running
- Sleek, piano-black finish
- Travel-sized design
- S/PDIF Audio Output
- Two USB 2.0 ports, front and back for ease of access
- HDMI 1.3a output up to 1080p FULL HD
- Supports external hard drives and USB memory sticks for PVR recording and playback
- Analogue HD and SD video output for use with a wider range of displays
- Firmware fully upgradeable over the air, or from USB
- High Bitrate High Definition video playback including (but not limited to) 1080p MPEG2, H.264 and VC-1 codecs and AVI, MOV, TS, Matroska, WMV, MP4 and DVD (VOB, IFO and ISO) containers. Subtitle formats supported.
- High Quality multi-channel audio playback including (but not limited to) AC3, MPEG, AAC, WAV, WMA, FLAC and OGG
- High Resolution photo viewing
- Flexible network connectivity including support for UPnP SSDP, UPnP AV, Windows Media Connect, Windows Media Player NSS, SMB, NFS and FTP
- Amazing internet connectivity including support for YouTube, video Podcasts, Live Internet Radio, Picasa and many many more
- Connect to your PC via Samba, uPnP, etc.
- Multiple Languages
This product is NOT supplied with a User Manual. Supplied with no channel data.

1 x Blade Media Stream HD
1 x Micro Jack RCA Cable (A/V)
1 x Power Supply Adapter
1 x Remote Control
2 x AA Batteries
No User Manual

1 Year Standard Warranty
MX Android Dual Core Jelly Bean TV Box

MX Android Dual Core Jelly Bean TV Box

Price 74.99 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

MX Android Dual Core Jelly Bean TV Box

If you want to stream all kinds of content and / or have a ton of videos which you would like to playback on demand, this is the box for you! This Dual Core Android box comes with a version of XBMC pre-installed and fully optimized for Jellybean Android! When running XBMC on this unit it puts Apple TV as well as a Mac Mini to shame. Some of the advantageous of this box are:

MX2 Box can play virtually any video file format available including AVI formats up 1080P. MX2 box, flawlessy plays them, fast forward, rewind, whatever you want!
AC3 PassThru works out of the box, no configuration necessary! If you own a fancy receiver and sound system, you NEED the sound encoding to work. Its no fun to watch 1080P on analogue audio, this box will detect the format of the audio in the file and pass it flawlessly to your receiver.
Small things work out of the box. SAMBA, NFS, all make connecting to your shared folders simple and easy. Downloading album covers happens automatically. Subtitles work better than any other iteration of XBMC that I have seen.
The absolute best and most versatile home media experience in the market. Compared to Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, and cable. Your friends will be in awe over how elegant XBMC looks and feels. Your movies, TV Shows, Music all at your fingertips. Online forums, tutorials, and videos are plenty.
Comes with a remote included. Has all the features to make your TV viewing experience the best ever!
Amazing for college halls, bed rooms, home theaters, anywhere you need some entertainment!
The MX2 Dual Core Smart TV Box allows you to turn your TV into a Smart TV . Stream free broadcast programming 24/7 as well as stream from Netflix, Youtube and others . MX Android TV Box is the newest generation of multimedia player. The Dual core TV box is easy to set up and use to access online media and access social networking sites. Using the Android 4 operating system you can download apps from the play store and play 3D games smoothly with it's Dual Mali400 400MHz graphics processor.

Android Smart TV Box is a media streamer pretty much like an Apple TV . It is powered by Android OS 4.2.2 (Jellybean) and does NOT require a jailbreaking like the Apple TV. Mainly for TV Streaming Android's biggest strength is the ability to download and install 3rd party apps. Apple TV can NOT download or install ANY apps unless it's jailbroke. The ability to download apps like XBMC without jailbreaking or hacking in anyway makes Android TV easier to use and hassle free. It needs no jailbreak, no maintenance, you can download free TV apps, browse the web, make free phone calls with Skype. Whereas the Apple TV helps to buy movies or music and streaming from your PC or Mac. Android can do this and thousands of other great features too.

Unlike the standard single core TV box's these have dual cores and run on Android Jelly Bean 4.2 which dramatically increases the speed of the software. The Smart TV box also has XBMC Frodo 12.2 pre-installed!


The latest technology on Android system in the box, the Web browser allows many applications based, 2D/3DGames, Skype / online video chat, web browsing, office applications software, and so on
Android TV box supports high speed WiFi for network applications, supports 2.4GHz wireless mouse, keyboard and flying remotes
Support for Hi-Fi audio decoding, full HD 1080p video decoding and output. Works with all kinds of video files!
Support for advanced features such as PPPOE, DLNA and Wi-Fi AP
Support for external devices such as USB flash drive, USB disk, SD / SDHC / MMC cards

1x Android TV Box
1X Remote Control
1x HDMI Cable
1x Power Adapter(UK)
1x User Manual

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