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DELTA BKD36P Launch Amp

DELTA BKD36P Launch Amp



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DELTA BKD36P Launch Amp

1 In UHF/VHF 1 Out 36dB 122dBuV

DELTA BKD36P Launch Amp 5-862MHz

The BKD series of amplifiers really do reflect the Germans ability to produce well designed quality amplifiers - Delta's background in producing amplifiers for the cable industry shines through in this range. It seems as though the more channels you throw at them the more they like it, producing perfect pictures every time.

Die-cast housing IP 20, low temperature rise through modern cooling concept for high reliability and long life-time.

Excellent EMC characteristics
Easy mounting through compact design
With plug-in slot for active or passive return path modules

(optional p. 40)

Attenuation and equalization with variable attenuator (ex-factory) or with pads, adjustable in steps of 1 dB
Modular power supply: in case of service the power supply can be easily replaced or upgraded. No readjustment of amplifier necessary, min. interruption of operation
Input and output test points
High output drivability through Push-Pull GaAs-FET technology
Low noise factor

Price 109.99 (131.99 Including VAT at 20%)

Manufacurers Spec Sheet PDF

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