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Global Stacker De-Stacker DiSEqC Enabled Version 35m

Global Stacker De-Stacker DiSEqC Enabled Version 35m



To BACKORDER This Item Now Call 01634 296929 or Email Us For Stock Availability.

NEW MODEL WITH DiSEqC Enabled 1 Cable Solution (Operates up to 35m or 65m With GLOBAL Stacker SDS Line Amplifier)

Two Signals Down One Cable, Ideal For Sky Plus HD & Freesat Plus HD, For Cable Runs up to 35 metres (65m If Amp is Added)
The Global Invacom Stacker destacker is designed to allow 2 LNB feeds to connect to 2 tuners, or set-top boxes, via onecable. Ideal for Freesat PVR Receivers, Sky+, Sky HD, Sky Multiroom or Any European Receiver Systems.

* "DiSEqc Enabled Version", 1-35mtrs*, Suitable for Commercial Cable Installations.
* Suitable for Multi-Point Commercial For use with 5 or 9 Input Multiswitches Installations.
* Recommended Cable CT100, or the equivalent of.

The Global Stacker De-Stacker DiSEqC Enabled Version is Ideal for SMATV Systems And Commercial Satellite Systems, Freesat Satellite Systems FreeSat PVR Recorders, Sky Plus HD Etc.
* Send 2 Satellite System Signals Down 1 Single Satellite Cable.
* No Need To Install Any Extra Cables To Your Satellite System.
* Works Indoors And Outsite
* Ideal For 5 or 9 Input Multiswitches

DiSEqC 1.2 Rated

Manufactures Web site

Price 84.99 (101.99 Including VAT at 20%)

Add A Stacker Cable Kit If Needed (Needed For Connections)

If Your Single Cable Run is More Than 35m Then Add Stacker SDS Amplifier Here To Extend The Use To Cable Runs More Than 35m and up to 65m

Stacker-De-Stacker Latest Tests From Tele-Satellite PDF

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