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HaasOnline Automated BitCoin & ALT Crypto Coin Trade Software

HaasOnline Automated BitCoin & ALT Crypto Coin Trade Software



To BACKORDER This Item Now Call 01634 296929 or Email Us For Stock Availability.

HaasOnline Automated BitCoin & ALT Crypto Coin Trade Software


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Features Include:

* Offline & Online Trading
* Regular Automatic Updates
* EASY SETUP Anyone Can Do It
* Worlds First Auto Coin Trading Bot
* Fully Licenced With Coin Exchanges
* Trade Coins While You Work or Sleep
* Fully Automated Trading Of All Your Crypto Coins
* NEW * The Interface is Now HTML Based And The Server Runs in The Background. This Enables All Trade Bots To Trade Regardless if Your Interface is Open or Not.

Trades Almost All Crypto Coins Automatically Including BitCoins, LiteCoins & Any ALT Coins On Multi Exchanges Including Cryptsy, BitStamp, BTC-e & Many Other Coin Exchanges

You Will Be Amazed How Easy It Is To Trade With And Setting Up The Trade Bots Is A Doddle.

* Uses Unique Automatic Trading Signals Tuning Only Available Through This Software
* Has Safety Signal Called Safeties That Enable You To Keep Your Coins Safe While Trading.
* Has Unique Signals Giving You The Best Automatc Trading Setup Available On The Market.
* Has Insurance Signals That Protect Your Coin Investment And Stops You Losing Any Money On Trades.
* Includes A Log Viewer Where You Can Watch All Your Trades Taking Place Live On Screen As They Happen.

Haasbot has added an integrated autoupdate feature that will make sure you always have the latest and up to date version!

Another new feature or note is the ability to setup your bot on a local server while accessing it from a web page on your local network.

The New Bot Comes With Additional Indicators And A New Auto Configuration Feature Along With New Dynamic Auto Ajusting Signals That Give Results As Things Change. Once The Bots Are Setup, You Can View All Trade Logs For Each Individual Bot With Detailed Indicators And Pricing Charts..

Here Are Some Of The Signal Indicators Available For Your Bots

Signal Indicators

* Price High/Low
* Price Change
* Price Percentage Change
* Stochastic Oscillator
* Relative Strength Index (RSI)
* Stochastic Relative Strength Index (StochRSI)
* Simple Moving Average (MA)
* Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD)
* Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD-Histogram)
* Percentage Price Oscillator (PPO)
* Rate Of Change (ROC)
* Percentage Of Change (POC)

* NEW * Dynamic High/Low Indicators Now Available (This Was Our Own Idear Was Given To HasBot From Us At MultiMedia Systems And Now Included And Doing A Great Job).

You are also able to assign securities/safeties to your trade bots that act as functions to make sure your coins remain safe. This new feature lends confidence when setting up and running your bots.

Assign Securities & Safeties

* Static Drop-loss
* Dynamic Drop-loss
* Static Roof-out
* Dynamic Roof-out
* Moving average drop-loss

also added are more new insurance features to look after your trades.

Insurance Features

* Overcome fee costs
* Minimum price change
* Minimum percentage of price change
* Avoid buy/sell walls

I Here You Asking "So What's The Price"
Well, You Will Be Amaized At How Low This Is.

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Has A Fantastic HTML Interface, You Are Able to View And Interact With All Bots Like Never Before, And With The Advanced Trading Bot You Can Add As Many Bots (Coin Trades Bots) As You Want.
MultiMedia Systems Highly Recommends Advanced Trade Bot From Haasbot to Anybody Looking For Full Function Crypto Coin Trading Software With Easy to Configure, Multi Currency, Multi Exchange Trading Bots.

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