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Humax Freeview HDR-1800T 320GB HDD Twin Recorder

Humax Freeview HDR-1800T 320GB HDD Twin Recorder

Ref: HDR-1800T-320GB


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Humax Freeview HDR-1800T 320GB HDD Twin Recorder With Internet Access


Includes 2 Years FREE Exclusive Replacement Warrantee
Freeview+ HD Digital TV Recorder (320GB);
* 320GB Freeview HD PVR
* Records both standard and HiDef
* Plays, MP3's, Jpegs and Video
* Network ready Ethernet
* 2 years on site warranty
Just Connect to your Freeview Aerial And Your Router If Required Then Away You Go.
Features And Whats Included;
* New Twin Freeview HD Personal video recorder With Internet Access
* Integrated hard drive with 320GB capacity
* Over 50 Digital TV Channels including free HD channels from BBC, ITV and Channel 4
* Record 2 channels at the same time
* 8-day on screen electronic programme guide
* Dolby Digital+ Audio Output
* Parental Control
* Subtitle and Audio description
* Perfect digital transmission for picture and sound via HDMI output
* Play media from a HDD or USB memory stick (MP3, JPG, XVID)
* Receives SD programming as well as HD programming
* Resolution formats: 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576p, 576i
* Standby power: less than 1w
* 2 year guarantee

Price 149.94 (179.93 Including VAT at 20%)

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