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RF UHF Modulator SLXRF Select

RF UHF Modulator SLXRF Select



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RF UHF Modulator SLXRF Select

The SLx RF UHF modulator allows the signal from a VCR/DVD player, camcorder, CCTV camera or other device with an AV only output to be viewed on an ordinary TV without a Scart or Phono input, or alternatively where a TV has only one Scart socket

•Ideal for security/CCTV applications
•Easy set-up - simply plugs into TV’s existing coax/RF input Scart, Phono and aerial inputs
•Wideband - 8-way DIP switch enables AV signal to be viewed on TV channels 21 to 69
•Adjustable video enhancement
•Mains powered - no need for additional AC/DC power adaptor
•Durable metal casing
•Supplied in attractive retail box packaging with Euroslot

* Also Ideal For Connecting TiVo UK Boxes To Any Receiver Freeview or Freesat Where No UHF Modulator is Present

Price 25.52 (30.62 Including VAT at 20%)

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