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STAB KZ220 Automatic Satellite System For Caravans Camping

STAB KZ220 Automatic Satellite System For Caravans Camping



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STAB 220 Automatic Mobile Satellite System For Caravans Camping Etc

Ready to Use Self Aligning 75cm Satellite Dish Motor Receiver and Tripod All You Need To Supply is the Power

New self pointing motorised dish kit for receiving TV via satellite that’s perfect for a variety of different mobile installations including camping caravaning etc also handy for temperary installations.
The kit comes complete with a very high quality 75cm Gibertini dish and LNB, a unique Stab AZ90 twin axis motor, Clarke-tech satellite receiver, Tri-pod and 20 metres of cable.

The dish can be mounted on the tripod to avoid any obsticles such as trees or buildings or as a fixed installation as the kit can be mounted on any pole or wall bracket.

As the system is self pointing installation is very simple, all you need to do is point the dish and motor roughly south and enter your current location coordinates into the satellite receiver.

The automatic satellite tracking system will point to the correct satellite in an average time of just four minutes.

The installation of the system is very simple, just follow the sequence of operations included.

Items included in the kit:

1 x Stab AZ90 twin axis motor
1 x Clarke-tech CI, Conax USB satellite receiver
1 x 75cm High quality aluminium Gibertini dish with folding arm
1 x Universal LNB
1 x Tripod
20 Metres of satellite coaxial cable with connectors.

Download STAB KZ220 PDF Quick Start Guide Here

Price 524.99 (629.99 Including VAT at 20%)

Download Stab KZ220 PDF Brochure Here

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