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SUPERPOWER Actuator 24 inch Stroke Heavy Duty

SUPERPOWER Actuator 24 inch Stroke Heavy Duty



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SUPERPOWER Jack 24" Heavy Duty Actuator QARL3624+

Superpower Heavy Duty series actuator is a low noise, high performance actuator for motorized satellite antenna system, Superpower Heavy Duty can be used to motorise satellite dishes sizing form 2.4 M to 5.2M in diameter. 15 years of experience on professional Motor/Gear box, Superpower actuator can be guarantee your system much longer service life.

36v Actuator needs 4 core motor cable from Receiver to dish.

Superpower jack systems are hermetically sealed in a clean atmosphere to eliminate ill effects of dust, corrosion or oxidation, their advanced design allows no opportunity for sticking, binding or wearing of hinged joints.

* Anti-rust process: Epoxy power coated steel tube and high grade plated hardware
* Excellent waterproofing: Provide 2 seals and 3 drain holes
* Optional weather protection boot and accordion: Tube accordion and motor boot
* Sensor: Ruthenium plate contacts ensures longer sensor life
* Plastic impregnated for risk free installation and easy to replace
* Stroke Length: 24"
* Suggested Dish Size: 2.4 - 4.8M
* Static Load: 3000lbs
* Dynamic Load: 1200lbs
* Speed (Rated Load): 5.2mm/sec
* Resolution (Reed): 32 pulse/inch
* Resolution (Optical): 83 pulse/inch
* Resolution (Potentiometer): 10 turns, 10K Ohm
* Input Voltage: 36VDC

Price 99.99 (119.99 Including VAT at 20%)

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