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Sky HD Remote Control And TV Link Bundle

Sky HD Remote Control And TV Link Bundle



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Sky Plus HD Remote Control And TV Link Bundle

This Remote is suitable for Sky Plus HD Receivers and is Bundled With A Sky TV Link Remote Eye.
To Use This Product is as EASY AS 123.

1. Just Run A Single Coax Cable Run From Your Sky Plus HD Receivers Second UHF Socket To Any Room In The House.
2. Plug The Sky TV Link Remote Eye into The other End of Your Cable in the Other Room And The Plug The Cable Into Your TV Set In The Other Room.
3. Tune Your TV Set into The Sky UHF Signal From Your Sky Plus Receiver, Then Install batteries Into The Remote Control And Just Point At The Remote Eye and You Should be Controlling The Sky Plus From Your Other Room. THAT'S IT!

Price 21.73 (26.08 Including VAT at 20%)

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