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Sky Plus HD 2TB Amstrad With 12 Months Warranty

Sky Plus HD 2TB Amstrad With 12 Months Warranty



To BACKORDER This Item Now Call 01634 296929 or Email Us For Stock Availability.

All Sky HD Boxes come complete with 12 months warranty, You will have to call Sky to pair your existing Sky viewing card (if applicable)

2,000GB or 2TB Sky Plus HD Box, This is the latest Sky+HD and can store up to 500 hours HD Recording

* Amstrad 2TB Sky+ HD box.
* The Sky+HD 2TB box has one terabyte of personal storage.
* Latest Skybox and can store up to 500 hours of high definition (HD) television, four times more than the latest Sky+HD box.
* The increased memory size for Sky Anytime allows you to watch up to 200 hours of on demand HD content.
* Brand new boxes with a full 12 month warranty.
* HD gives you sharper clearer more vibrant pictures.
* Dolby digital 5.1 sound quality on many high definition programmes.
* The SkyHD box also includes the popular Sky plus functions.
* HD ready TV required to fully appreciate the Sky high definition programmes.
* To view the FULL HD channel package a further fee maybe payable to Sky. This however is not compulsory; If you choose not to you will still receive the BBC HD; ITV HD, Channel Four HD and LUXE HD channels.
* Can be used for new installations or as a replacement box.
* Can be used with or without a telephone connection for calling Sky digital.
* Non-subsidised box.
Please Note; If you only have a single LNB on your Sky Minidish feeding a standard Sky box and you are upgrading to the Amstrad 2TB Sky+HD box you will need to order the Quad LNB below and run a second cable to the Sky+HD box to use the Sky+ functions. If however you already have Sky+ and are changing to Sky+HD your existing LNB will be fine.

This brand new latest version Amstrad Sky High Definition Digibox can be used with an existing Sky Subscription card, to benefit from the Sky+ functionality, or subscription HD channels (HD Mix). Alternatively without a card you can still receive all free HD channels, such as BBC HD, Luxe HD and C4 HD (C4 HD currently requires a Sky FTV card). You are under no obligation to take out a subscription, or HD with this purchase, as you are buying from us a non-subsidised box.

Price 208.32 (249.98 Including VAT at 20%)

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